HSFPX00X Carrier Board


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The HSFPX00X is carrier board for connecting module with Edge Rate® Rugged High-Speed Male connector like Numato Lab’s HSFPX002 FPGA module. The HSFPX00X carrier board features High Pin Count (HPC) high-speed FMC connector conforming to ANSI/VITA 57.1 Standard for the purpose of adding additional features to the board by using custom or commercial off-the-shelf daughter boards and a x8 PCIe interface.


·         4 Edge Rate® Rugged High-Speed Female connector

·         8 lane PCIe Gen2.0 (5.0GT/s)

·         USB 3.1 Gen 1 @ 5Gbps (USB Type-C connector)

·         2 FMC connector with a maximum of 130 IOs for user-defined purposes

·         6 SMA connectors for 3 external differential clocks

·         Can be powered from PCIe slot or from an external power supply

·         JTAG header for programming and debugging

·         Dimension: 167.65mm x 111.15mm


·         Product Prototype Development

·         Development and Testing of custom embedded processors

·         Educational tool for Schools and Universities

·         Communication Devices Development

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