Galatea SMA IO Interconnect Module


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This product is designed for and compatible with Galatea PCI Express Spartan 6 FPGA Development Board. Galatea SMA IO Interconnect Module is an SMA breakout solution for Galatea Spartan 6 PCI Express FPGA Board. This product allows Galatea’s IOs and GTP to be broken out into SMA connectors that would facilitate easy attachment of other high-speed peripherals. The board features 18 SMA connectors, which include one set of GTP transceiver and 12 IOs. (CLK, RX & TX pairs for GTP is available only when the module is placed on header P4 in galatea Spartan 6 PCIe Board).


·         18 SMA connectors

·         6 SMA connectors for GTP transceivers

·         Can be attached to either side of Galatea FPGA board

·         Dimension: 83.820mm X 56.591mm

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