FMCADCX002: Dual AD7616 FMC ADC Expansion Module


  • Product Code: FMCADCX002: Dual AD7616 FMC ADC Expansion Module
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The Numato Lab FMCADCX002 ADC Expansion Module features two Analog Devices AD7616 ICs. Each IC has a 16 channel, 16-bit, dual simultaneous sampling ADC with a sampling rate of up to 1 MSPS, thus providing a total of 32 analog input channels. The AD7616 is designed to support communications applications where low cost, small size, wide bandwidth, and versatility are desired. This module is designed to be used with Numato Lab’s FPGA boards featuring FMC connectors, and can additionally be used with any FPGA board supporting the FMC LPC connector. Numato Lab FMCADCX002 ADC Breakout Board with MMCX connectors (Manufacturer Part Number: 0734151471) is to be used along with this module to provide analog inputs.

·         FMC LPC connector for mating with compatible FPGA carrier cards

·         Two dual simultaneous sampling AD7616 ICs

·         32 Analog input channels with selectable input range (±10 V, ±5 V, ±2.5 V)

·         16-bit resolution with 1 MSPS maximum sampling rate

·         2 trigger inputs, 2 trigger outputs and 4 IOs

·         No external power supply is needed. Uses 12V supplies from Carrier boards through FMC LPC connector

·         Dimension: 84.01mm x 68.99mm


·         Digital Instrumentation

·         Product prototyping

·         Low-Cost Digital Oscilloscopes

·         Data acquisition

·         Electronic test and measurement equipment

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