8 Channel Ethernet Relay Module


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Numato Lab 8 Channel Ethernet Relay module allows controlling electrical devices remotely through Ethernet using easy to use Web interface or TELNET interface and can be programmed using almost any language.  With 8 onboard 12V/ 24V SPDT Relays that supports up to 10A, 10 Digital IOs, and 10 multiplexed Analog inputs, this product avoids the need of buying additional Digital IO and Analog input modules. This product works with any operating system that has a browser or has a TELNET tool. This includes Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Android, etc..

Each relay/gpio can be individually controlled through the built-in easy to use web interface or through any popular terminal emulator that supports TELNET protocol. The 8 Channel Ethernet Relay module is shipped with a unique MAC address. These devices also support assigning and retrieving custom identification string that can be used for identifying individual devices when there is a large number of devices connected on the same network. All relay terminals are available on screw terminals which makes connecting external devices very easy.


·         8 onboard 12V/ 24V SPDT relays that can handle up to 10A

·         10 Digital IOs and 10 Analog inputs (multiplexed with Digital IOs)

·         10bit ADC resolution for Analog Inputs

·         Plugs directly to the router or PC

·         Supports DHCP and static IP

·         Easy to use Web interface with point and click Relay/GPIO control (please see pictures below)

·         Human readable commands over TELNET. Works with any off the shelf TENET client(please see pictures below)

·         Programmable with almost any language

·         Built-in unique MAC address and the configurable identification string


·         Automated test fixtures

·         Home and industrial automation

·         Remote device monitoring and control

·         Remote data logging

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