16 Channel USB Relay Module


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URMC16 16 Channel USB Relay Module is great for controlling your devices through USB without any USB protocol knowledge. This module plugs into your design seamless. Individual relay can be controlled by simple commands. Numato’s URMC16 16 Channel USB Relay Module provides exceptional value for money.

It has sixteen onboard 12V/ 24V DC relays that can switch up to 10A load. The relays are controlled by USB capable Microchip PIC Microcontroller (PIC18F65J50) and come with built-in firmware that supports simple commands to control relays and read relay status. The board, when attached to a PC/Laptop shows up as a serial port and all you need to control the board is a serial terminal application like HyperTerminal or Putty. This board can easily be controlled by writing a simple serial port application in VC++, VB, VBA (Word, Excell, etc), Perl, Python, etc.


·         16 onboard 12V/ 24V SPDT Relays.

·         7A Maximum Switching Current.

·         10 TTL (3.3V)Compatible GPIOs.

·         5 Analog Input Channel(Multiplexed with GPIOs).

·         10 Bit Analog Input Resolution.

·         USB interface with CDC support. As easy as using a serial port, no USB knowledge required.

·         2,8mA Maximum IO Source/Sink Current(Depending on the IOs).

·         Digital circuitry can be powered from USB or external power supply.

·         Can be controlled by using standard serial console applications or custom applications.

·         No vendor specific libraries or APIs required.

·         Microchip PIC Microcontroller (PIC18F65J50).


·         Home Automation

·         Industrial Automation

·         Lighting Control

·         Garden Equipment Control

·         Test Fixtures

·         DIY and Hobby

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