8 Channel Bluetooth GPIO Module


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Numato’s 8 Channel Bluetooth GPIO module is a low cost easily deployable solution for connecting your PC to other electronic circuitry through Bluetooth. A USB Bluetooth Dongle or Bluetooth integrated PC/Laptop would be sufficient to communicate with this device. 8 TTL compatible GPIOs available and 6 Analog input channels (shared with GPIOs).


·         8 TTL compatible GPIOs available.

·         6 Analog input channels (Multiplexed with GPIOs)

·         10 Bit Analog input resolution

·         All GPIOs can be individually configured as input or output.

·         20ma Source/Sink capacity.

·         Can be controlled by using standard serial console applications or custom applications.

·         Onboard controller can be reprogrammed for custom applications


·         Home Automation

·         Lighting Control

·         Garden Equipment Control

·         Industrial Automation

·         Test Fixtures

·         DIY and Hobby

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