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Welcome to Dolphin Labs

Dolphin Labs can be introduced as one of the most promising technology solutions providing company. The company has been started by the joint collaboration of industrial professionals and consultants.

Bridging the gap between academic methodologies and industrial needs is high on our agenda. Along with the manufacturing of training and development products, we are also pioneers in the publication of lucid technical literature. As a training center we at Dolphin Labs are focusing on building workforce skill and offer various products and solutions in embedded technology.

We at Dolphin Labs have always focused on people empowerment. We believe that, people with right knowledge and training will improve the overall quality of their life, personally and professionally.

Dolphin Labs arranges the workshops, short term training sessions, seminars on Embedded System based on PIC, 8051,ARM, AVR, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Robotics, VLSI for Engineering students and Engineering faculties. The training sessions are focused on practical hands on kits which are specially designed. The training kits provide the easy understanding of interfacing concepts. The interfacing can be implemented using the programs providing standard book.

We organize skill based training to kids and teenagers from 5th to 12th standard on basic concepts in electronics, energy generation, mechanics and robotics. Such trainings build the confidence among these students in doing the science projects which is part of their curriculum. For the students of 10th standard and above, these trainings help in selecting the carrier option of their professional future.

We accept demands for various embedded products. We also develop working prototype of any innovative idea for the industry. Also if any customer wants only direction regarding any project we provide complete knowledge oriented assistance for the potential companies only looking for project development.

Dolphin Labs is the leading company in research activities in various fields of Embedded &VLSI technologies. We also provide consultancy to research and development projects in the areas of Geology, Mechanical Engineering, Basic Sciences and many more. Recently We have completed the R&D project on Geopathic Stress Measuring Instrument and filed the patent on it. Rather than that we do R&D work on Embedded and VLSI technology.


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